Born in Knoxville, TN and raised in LaFollette, TN. Donna recalls; Throughout her life the family homestead in LaFollette was the gathering spot for holidays, weddings, reunions and many other special occasions. Their home was the gathering place for friends and community due to her Mom’s fried chicken, fried apple pies, flat jacks, pastries and love for cooking. Donna’s parents created a warm, safe and welcoming home filled with many wonderful memories. They were also blessed with five acres housing a playhouse, barn and numerous pets; including: dogs, horses, cows and rabbits. Donna will forever be grateful to her parents, family and homestead. She was so blessed to have had such a rich heritage and to have lived the American childhood dream of every boy and girl. Donna is the mother of one daughter and the grandmother of three grandsons, and currently resides in East Ridge, TN. She has spent her life serving others. Donna served as a federal probation officer for 25 years. Her career began in LA in 1988, and then she was transferred to Chattanooga in 1992. Prior to that she worked with Juvenile Delinquents in Jacksonville, Fla and Dallas, Tx.

Donna’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Parrott (pictured above) built their home in LaFollette, Tennessee in 1947 (homestead pictured below). The Parrott’s were married for nearly 70 years, during which time their future generations grew through 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren. The Parrott’s were loving and caring to all, and are the driving force for Donna and all her goals in life. In 2006 the homestead was sold when their health began to decline and they were unable to care for the home and live independently. This difficult transition and the love for her parents inspired Donna to pursue the Senior Real estate specialist designation. Following this transition, she was blessed to help care for her Mom and Dad during the final stage of their lives. Donna recalls, frantically searching for resources that didn’t seem to exist. As a Senior Real Estate Specialist, Donna has the opportunity to provide valuable resources for her senior clients in hope of making their transition a little easier than that of her parents. As a tribute to her parents, Donna hopes to honor them as a SRES with the legacy they so deserve.

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